About Me

A self-portrait I did when I was about 10.

Hello, beautiful people!

My name is Lucy W. I am 18 years old, female (cisgender), and a freshman at Washington State University in Pullman, WA. I’m currently pursuing a degree in Psychology (with a potential double major in Criminal Justice). Eventually, I’d like to teach psychology or become a criminal psychologist.

I was born in Ithaca, New York (another small college town, like Pullman). A few years later, shortly after my brother was born, my family moved to Round Rock, TX, where we lived for four years. Then we moved to western Washington, and have lived there since. Along with a little brother, I have had many pets, including dogs, a cat, rats, and a few fish.

I love to read, swim, listen to music, sing, hike, photograph things, and paint/draw/do pretty much anything artsy.

Until December 2014, this blog will be used for my COM 210: Multimedia Content Creation coursework, etc. In case I end up using this blog for other stuff, all posts related to my COM course will be tagged and categorized with “COM 210”.


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