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So, I had a lot of trouble deciding where to go with this project… Don’t get me wrong, I really like filming and putting together videos, and getting to work with Premiere again has been a blast!! But I guess this project also made me realize how much I hate being on camera myself – I prefer to stay on the photographer’s side of the lens. Now, I could probably write a whole other post (and maybe I will) psychoanalyzing the various reasons I don’t like being the one in front of the camera; I can already think of quite a few things that probably influenced my camera-shyness.

But that’s not really what this post is about!! (Now, where was I…? Oh yeah!) So, I was trying to think of how to make the video fit the “about me” theme, while showing as little of myself as possible. I planned to shoot footage of my family over Thanksgiving Break, but that whole week just ended up being…less than pleasant (for a variety of reasons; and quite a few of those reasons were because of me). So I only really got footage of the very beginning and end of Break (and most of that was just landscape/scenery on the drive to and from Pullman). So that didn’t really work out; but I figured that I could make something from all the photos and video clips I’ve accumulated over several years. But yet again, the predicament was how to use any of it while still connecting the video to me. (I’m primarily a nature photographer, so there’s not a lot people in my shots or footage – unless it was some kind of special event that I thought was worth recording.) I also didn’t want to make the video solely about past events, especially if the events themselves weren’t really interconnected.

Anyway (sorry for the rambling here), I decided to use the little bits of footage I’ve gathered so far around Pullman and kind of intermix them with other (recent) important events in my life, I specifically wanted to focus on the celebratory “end-of-high-school / we’re adults now!” week-long trip to Cancun, Mexico with my Girl Scout troop this past June. The trip itself was pretty incredible, though I think we all came back with some interesting stories to tell about the not-so-great moments… eheh… (~_~;)   I chose to focus on this trip because even though it still showcases the incredible beauty and diversity in Mexico (I know, I know; I’m such a nature nerd!), it also gives a glimpse of how tightly knit our group was. I joined this troop in Fall 2008, but some of them have known each other since they were toddlers!

Also, in order to show both my clips from Pullman and the stuff from the trip, I tried to use the video effects and transitions to make the clips from Mexico seem like a dream/memory thingy (LOL I’m so eloquent…).