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Blargh, here it is – finally! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻*flings embedding code into post and flops onto bed*

URL: https://soundcloud.com/axelcosgirl/audio-story-draft-3-mixdown

I think I hated this project the most. Even though Audition was (according to my instructors) the easiest program for students to get, it can also take a long time to edit down and rearrange sound clips exactly how you want them; in a way, it reminds me of woodcarving.

I added a lot more stuff, compared to my first audio story draft. I got my Breath of Aire director’s permission to use some audio from a promo video we did for a concert a while ago. I also used some personal audio from one of my voice lessons (Mrs. Worthington has us record our lessons so that we can go back later and hear what we did well and where we need improvement. Very useful!!) I also took out a little bit of my mom talking, especially about Tom Knight (still a cool dude; just not as relevant as some other things). It was harder to take stuff out than put stuff in, because once you’ve got all the little bits pared down and in the order you want them in, it’s tough to go back and remove big chunks, since everything is so closely “sewn” together. That’s part of the reason my story is a bit over the maximum time limit…

Yeah… Not much else to say… I feel like I like this class less as the semester goes on; not because the content isn’t interesting or fun, but just because, this past week in particular (and right after Dad’s Weekend) I got a bunch of “heavy”/big assignments dropped on me, which has not been fun… Oh well, boo hoo. *whip crack* Post-holes! Back to work!


P.S. If you get the very subtle “post-holes” reference, cookies for you! I might reveal it later…