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Well, here it is. I’m not satisfied with it yet; but at the same time I’m surprised how well some of the splicing turned out.

URL: https://soundcloud.com/axelcosgirl/audio-story-draft-1

As I state at the beginning of the track, I decided to focus on my career as a singer. Music has always been a big part of my life, and I already had lots of recordings that I could use as part of this story. Like a lot of people, I don’t like listening to myself talking in recordings, so I cut as much of myself out of the track as I could and let the majority of the audio be of my mom during  our phone conversation. (Yes, as per Washington law, I did get her permission to record our phone conversation, and obviously since I wanted to record it, I gave my consent as well). Also, when she talks about my singing in elementary school, I faded in a track from the CD that my first grade class made, called “Zominamina”. After exporting, I realized that it’s kind of strange to have her talking about 5th grade, and then jumping back to 1st grade… I’ll move that around in the final version. Also, the plane sound around 1:49 is being used under the Creative Commons Attribution license – the clip came from soundmary on freesound.org.

I’m planning to add more audio from later in my life, like a clip of my choir Breath of Aire, singing. However, I’m not as sure about how copyright works regarding choral music/recordings. I mean, we sell our CDs, but we certainly aren’t the only ones to sing “I Heard the Bells”, or “While Shepherds Watch”, or any of our other songs. I will email our director and see if I can get his permission, because that at least will be something… I’d also like to find some audio of me doing a solo. We’ll see; I may still be a bit too shy to post a solo piece on the web.

Hoping for some good comments!