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My TA made some very helpful suggestions concerning the first draft of my graphic collage. I added more pictures, including one of myself (Grrr….). Anyway, I guess since I’ve already talked about some of the pictures in my first draft post (see link above), I’ll discuss what I changed, why I changed it, and talk about the new pictures a bit.

Obviously, I added three new pictures. Again, all of the photos (except the bottom right) were taken by me. (c) Lucy W. The bottom right one was taken by my dad, but I have his written permission to use it.) The three pictures on the right are all from two trips my dad, brother, and I took to the Portland Japanese Garden during a Winter Break. As I said in my earlier post, it had rained pretty hard the night before, so everything was covered in water droplets. This made for some really great photos, although sometimes it was hard to get my camera to focus on what I wanted it to focus on. For example, with the top right picture (the iris), I had to try several different angles to get the detail I wanted. As I said above, the bottom right photo was taken by my dad. We were actually shooting some photos of me doing yoga in different spots around the garden (it was for a PE assignment we had to do over break), and I think we had just wrapped up, so I was admiring these flowers, and my dad took a couple of pictures of me.

The last new photo, the black and white one on the bottom left, was taken in my dad’s apartment. He’s got this little cactus by a window, and this isn’t just some little cactus you buy on a whim at Lowe’s; I remember this cactus being in my (paternal) grandparents’ dining room too! Anyway, I was sitting by the cactus, taking pictures out the window, when I noticed this tiny spider descending from one of the spines. Again, it took a while to get the camera to focus on both the spines and the spider, and Photoshop definitely helped me tune it up even further. It wasn’t originally black and white, but I thinks it looks better that way since the colors were kinda blurry. I know it might be a bit hard to see the spider, but I felt like cropping it any more would just detract from the picture. It might stick out too much, since it’s the only black and white photo, but it fit really well with my theme of (and my passion for) noticing things that other people might not notice and capturing that moment.

Besides adding more photos, I decided to change the outlining rectangles to rounded rectangles. I just felt like the sharp corners were a bit too harsh. Hmm… Not much else to say. The only suggestion my TA gave me that I didn’t follow was the idea to crop the smaller pictures into different shapes (e.g., circles, hearts, etc.). I didn’t want to do this because I feel like it would have detracted from the mood of my collage, which is kind of quiet, calm, and contemplative. Adding goofy shapes would disrupt that mood. I don’t know; if you’ve made this far through all my rambling, please let me know in the comments what you think would improve my collage!