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Graphic Collage Draft 3.1 copy2

Finally! I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to focus on. There were so many paths I could have taken with this project, and that (along with being anxious that my rudimentary Photoshop skills wouldn’t be enough to achieve what I wanted) caused my inner perfectionist to start freaking out.

Anyway, I finally decided to focus on my love of the outdoors, specifically macro photography in nature. Yes, I know the squirrel photo is technically not a macro, but it fits with my theme of taking detailed pictures of small things. The squirrel photo was taken on a running trail in the Hazel Wolf Wetlands Preserve. My dad and I were walking around the lake, and I spotted this little squirrel climbing up and down this tree. When the squirrel noticed us, it seemed to get really angry; it was chittering and squeaking at us while it scrabbled around on the tree. It really seemed like it wanted us to go away, because the squirrel carried on until we walked away. I ended up with 35 of the 70 pictures that I took on that trip were of this squirrel alone!

TheĀ Japanese maple leaves picture is from a visit to the Portland Japanese Garden. It had rained the night before, so many of the plants were covered in beads of water. Another photo I was thinking of including (below) probably shows the water drops more clearly, but I also liked the color of the L's Camera 307maple leaves photo.

The flowers (bottom right picture) were actually found growing in the sand on a coastal Oregon beach near Seal Rock. Very tiny and delicate!

I didn’t do a lot of editing on any of the photos, mostly just some Levels adjustments (I increased the temperature of the squirrel pic quite a bit). I also cropped the two smaller photos.

Just in case it wasn’t clear, these are all photos that I took myself! (c) Lucy W.

Again, sorry for the lateness! I’d still appreciate critiques!