Hello! For my COM 210 class, this blog will be all about me. I decided to make this my topic because I happen to be the world’s leading expert on myself. 🙂

Also, I believe there are many different ways to look at oneself; and my goal is to get to know myself better via the various assignments in this class. (After all, just because you’re an expert in something doesn’t meant you can’t learn any more!) During this semester, I plan to look at several different ‘facets’ of myself and try to line them up with the various projects we will be doing in class. For example, since I love music and singing, I might make that the focus of my “Audio Story” assignment. Although, since our professor hasn’t posted the instructions for that assignment yet, I’m not totally sure how that assignment will work, but I’ll find out in due time, I guess!

Actually, I think I’ll put a “draft” of my ideas for the various projects we’re doing right here.

  1. Graphic Collage: For this one, I think it would be nice to just do a broad overview of my life. Things I’m interested in, hobbies, family, pets, school, what I want to do, etc. Or, since I love photography, maybe I could just do a collage of photos I’ve taken! I’m not totally sure how much of a “collage” this project will be in the traditional sense of the word, seeing as we’re using Photoshop… to me, “collage” implies a certain amount of tactile stimulation, as well as visual.
  2. Logo: I’m not too sure about this one, but I’m thinking about playing around with my name… My mom, who is a graphic designer, suggested that I look at the positive and negative spaces in and around my initials.
  3. Audio Story: I already kind of went over this above, but what the hey; it never hurts to elaborate! Like I mentioned above, I’d love to incorporate my musical life into this; I’m just not sure if that will fit within the requirements for the assignment. I’ve had some experience with audio recording and mixing in a Songwriting and Sequencing class I took in high school. However, in that class we used the Sibelius and Pro Tools programs, and in this course we’ll be using Adobe Audition.
  4. Video Project: I like the sound of this project a lot, especially since we’ll be using Adobe Premiere Pro! I’ve actually used Premiere Pro before, in a TV Production class I took in high school, and I think one of my favorite parts about the whole video-making process is editing. Since I already know the software, I think that will help give me more time altogether, on what is basically our final project of this course!

Anyway, that’s about it for me. Until next post,